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Your corporate law partner in France & Switzerland


Redon Avocat is a French-speaking boutique law firm dedicated to all corporate stakeholders, with offices in Paris & Zürich. We provide services in both advise and litigation to French and global clients.  We aim to support you with strategic cases and technical disputes, and assist your teams with complex partnerships.

As part of our development, we now have an office in Zürich to support Swiss and global companies investing in France.

From the Zürich office, we also work hand in hand with Swiss law firms who share our vision and methods to guide French and global companies ready to invest or expand their activities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.



Our values


Novel solutions to complex problems.

We offer innovative, adapted and tailored solutions to each case based on our clients’ strategic goals.




Your success is our success.

We are always ready to help you meet your goals through responsiveness, energy and vision.


We work closely with a network of partners including independent law firms and financial/tax consultancies who share our methods and positioning.



We are a decisively global firm, active in France and Switzerland thanks to offices in Paris and Zürich.


Our offices

Paris :

9 rue le Tasse
75116 Paris

T +33 (0) 1 55 74 70 70


Zürich :

Seestrasse 41
Postfach 1878 – 8027 Zürich

T +41 (0) 4 35 38 25 57


Our latest news

Publication de la nouvelle convention fiscale franco-luxembourgeoise

Publication de la nouvelle convention fiscale franco-luxembourgeoise

La nouvelle convention franco-luxembourgeoise du 20 mars 2018 vient d’être publiée au JO (Décret 2019-1274 du 2-12-2019). Elle s’appliquera à compter du…

Les assemblées générales 2020 à l’épreuve du Covid-19

Les assemblées générales 2020 à l’épreuve du Covid-19

Publication de deux ordonnances adoptées par le gouvernement français et affectant le droit des sociétés   Sur habilitation de la…

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